Saturday, December 24, 2011


When the girls watch a young dragon disguised as a Great Dane, the unimaginable happens and the magical creature goes wild. Unfortunately for them, Sophie’s younger brother, Shiloh, is watching the whole thing unfold. Will this mishap prove too much for the shy Shiloh?

* * * * * * *

"Get the fire, not the dog!" shouted Sophie.

"But he’s the one making the fire!" Bree kept the extinguisher pointed at the dog, but stopped spraying the large animal.

"It’s not working, is..." Sophie stopped and looked over at her brother. "Shiloh, back up! The–the dog is out of control!"

Shiloh stared openly at the scene in front of him. He mumbled, "He’s just I was. Leave him alone."

"We’ll handle it, Loh," said Bree. She was aiming her spray at the fire spreading on the grass. "We’re the pet sitters, after all."

"You’re making it worse. He just needs..." In a flash, Shiloh grabbed the tablecloth from the picnic table, sending the plates and silverware to the ground. "Ohmanohmanohmanohman..."

Sophie let out a surprised yelp. "Don’t, Shiloh! It’s dangerous!"

"I don’t care! He’s scared! I know it!" With tablecloth in hand, Shiloh sprinted for the dog and half tackled, half hugged him. As he tried to cover the animal up, he said, "Calm down, you stupid dog!"

"Sério?" said Bree. She pointed the nozzle at the pair and gave them both a quick burst of foam. "I thought I was the crazy one."

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Horses Don't Do That

This scene is the girls’ first confusing encounter with the animals Callum has them watching. After hearing some strange noises late at night, they go down to the pool to investigate. What they discovered was beyond what they could have expected to find.

* * * * * * *

"I’m telling you, it’s Farasi," said Bree, racing towards the gate to the pool.

"No way. I put him to stable myself." Sophie was close behind her friend.

"You heard the splash, didn’t you, So-So? That horse loves the water." She stopped at the gate and faced her friend. "That’s what Callum said."

"Maybe it’s–" She looked past Bree towards the pool and stared openly. "It’s!"

"Ha! Told you." The two girls walked closer to the pool and peered into the water.

"What’s he doing?" Sophie was leaning over, hands resting on her knees.

"Hmmm...let’s see." Bree crouched down to the edge and dunked her head into the water. The horse raised his head and looked up at Bree before laying back down. She noticed a strange, shimmery gleam to his coat. "Heebss bleeebinng!"


Bree pulled her head out of the water. "I said he’s sleeping!"

"In the water?" asked Sophie, a worried look on her face.

"Looks like it."

"But...but..." Sophie struggled to get the words out. "Horses don’t do that!"

Bree stood next to her friend and looked down at Farasi. "Not normal horses, anyway."

Monday, October 3, 2011

Callum and Ghost

Guiding the kids on their summer adventure is Callum, the Shepherd who has taken on the task of finding humans to help rescue all those captured mythical creatures. He is a member of the Sidhe, magical beings from the area of Ireland that are comparable to elves or fairies. Callum is capable of using many types of magic such as communicating with animals and casting illusions. He has set up a temporary base at the Wales Animal Care Facility, but he isn’t all that fond of staying on Earth, preferring to go back to Meurum whenever possible. One thing he does love about Earth is red licorice, making sure to have a jar filled with it at all times. The kids turned out to be a welcome surprise for Callum. He is very pleased at how quickly the kids have taken to the animals and how well they all work together. In his eyes, he is finally seeing an end to this task.

At Callum’s side is his partner, the White Hart named Ghost. From British folklore, this magical creature was said to be a sign that a quest was about to start. He looks like a large deer with the exception of his all white coat. Ghost possesses the unique ability to travel to anywhere in the world through a strange mist, taking anyone along with him that he chooses. The White Hart chose Callum as his partner simply because he enjoyed how well the Sidhe played the flute. Callum would readily admit that he spoils Ghost, even going so far as to dress all in white most of the time to please the animal’s sense of aesthetics. Ghost’s role is to transport the kids to the various trials, usually popping in wherever the kids are at the time (regardless of how inconvenient it is for them). He does have a tendency to lose his patience if they aren’t quick enough and isn’t afraid to use his antlers to prod the kids along if need be.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Kids

There are many characters in Mythic Summer--both human and animal alike--so the best place to start is with the three kids from Wales, Colorado whose amazing adventure we'll be following all summer long. From left to right, they are Sophie Talbot, Bree Soares and Shiloh Talbot.

The (soon to be) thirteen-year-old Sophie has always adored animals, especially horses.  She spends as much time as possible at the Talbot Compound, either helping her dad with the horses or giving her mom a hand at the vet clinic.  Shiloh jokes that she feels more comfortable around animals than she does other people!  An extensive stuffed animal collection takes up much of Sophie's bedroom, one for every animal she's seen up close and personal.  As far as this mission goes, Sophie takes it very seriously.  As soon as Callum explained to her how all those mythical creatures had been captured, her heart went out to them and she was determined to do whatever she could to help.

As her mother is fond of saying, Bree is about 90% enthusiasm.  Bree lives with the Talbots when her parents are off making their documentaries and while she does help out with the animals, she usually just ends up finding more and more ways to have fun with them.  Good thing her best friend, Sophie (or So-so as she calls her) is around to keep her in line.  Bree has a huge love for soccer and has been playing for over half of her thirteen years.  She sees Callum's mission as a once in a lifetime chance to see some of the most amazing and bizarre creatures around.  But while this is all kinds of fun for her, she never forgets how important this job is and to always do her absolute best.

Shiloh is Sophie's younger brother, a somewhat withdrawn eleven-year-old.  While animals certainly pique his interest, he doesn't seem to share his sister's passion for them.  He typically acts hesitant around animals, but it takes a surprise encounter with a young dragon the girls are watching to open him up a little.  Shiloh is a pretty skilled artist and has a few sketchbooks filled with animal drawings he's done in secret.  The grand adventure in Meurum is sometimes overwhelming for him, but his curiosity gets the best of him and keeps him interested.  Besides, ever since Shiloh made a connection with Arrow the dragon, he has begun to understand his sister's love for animals of all kinds.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Story of Mythic Summer

You think mythical creatures don’t exist? That things like dragons and unicorns are just pretend? That there couldn’t possibly be a world of magic just beyond our own? Sophie, Bree and Shiloh used to think like that...until they had an amazing experience with these fantastic animals. What starts out as a pet sitting job ends up being an unbelievable adventure to rescue some very special mythical creatures who desperately need their help.

The quest begins when Callum–a tall elf-like being–explains to the kids about the magical world of Meurum, the home of all mythical creatures. They learn that he is part of a select few called the Shepherds whose job it is to protect these animals. Additionally, Callum has also been charged with finding humans to help with an important mission. It seems that a rogue Shepherd named Faelan has captured some of the most unique and magical creatures from Meurum and made it so only those from Earth can free them. Along with each captured animal, Faelan has also created trials for the humans to pass. It may be a maze of bamboo and stone, a forest shrouded in total darkness, or even a strange, hybrid creature that has the power to make people sick. All kinds of dangers await Sophie, Bree and Shiloh should they accept this mission.

Luckily, the kids won't have to do it alone. Going with them will be their own mythical creatures, animal helpers with unique powers and abilities to aid them on their quest. But don't think the summer will be all work for the kids. There will be plenty of time to have fun and get to know these wonderful animals. And who knows. They may end up making some very strong bonds that can last a lifetime. With a summer like this, it just might happen.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello! Welcome to the Mythic Summer blog where you can keep up with the adventures of Sophie, Bree and Shiloh, three kids that discover mythical creatures are real and in desperate need of help. Within the pages of this blog, you'll be able to explore the magical world of Meurum, experience the trials the kids face all summer long and learn all about the characters involved in this mythical story.

My name is Chris Evenson, the creator of this would-be cartoon series. I hope to entertain and engage you with the amazing summer Sophie, Bree and Shiloh have as they try to rescue some very special animals. Now, since my artistic talents are severely limited, I've enlisted the help of one Elmer Damaso, a talented artist who I've been commissioning to bring my characters to life. This blog will have all the pictures he's drawn so you can get a better idea of all the adventures our three heroes go on.

So by all means, please enjoy the excitement, humor and wonder found in the story of Mythic Summer. Feel free to offer up your comments, feedback, and questions; after all, this story is still a work in progress and can only grow bigger and better from here on, especially if you, the reader, help it along.