Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sophie and Reina

There are many reasons for the animals of Meurum to choose a partner. Some do so out of friendships formed. Some become drawn to a kind, caring heart. Others may find a kindred spirit that share the same goals. Then there are situations like Sophie and her partner, Reina the Ramidreju. While some may laugh at the idea of bribing a magical ferret-like creature, the resulting bond is no less strong and devoted between these two. And all it cost Sophie was a simple gold coin.

Rumored to be born once every hundred years, legends of the Ramidreju were spread around parts of Spain. They are described as being similar to a marten with green fur, yellow eyes, and a very long body and tail. Their distinctive hog-like nose is used to dig expertly through the earth. It is also believed that the Ramidreju’s fur possesses the ability to heal any sickness, a talent that comes in handy when things take a turn for the worse. Like all Ramidrejus, Reina has a weakness for gold and will become mesmerized by the shiny metal. Sophie will tell anyone who’ll listen how stubborn and spoiled Reina can be, but it will always be told with a smile.