Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hugo Soares and Maxine Devereux

"Love your life" is the motto of Hugo Soares and Maxine Devereux, parents of the ever energetic Bree. These two documentary film makers are true to those words, traveling the world to make their popular nature series, Big World, and loving every minute of it. They met in Brazil when Maxine was trying to get footage for her very first film and needed the help of the outgoing forest guide, Hugo. Their mutual love of animals and adventure has helped make some incredibly popular documentaries and the two have been together ever since.

Bree used to go with her parents, but after what can only be called the "Elephant Incident" they decided she needed a more stable living arrangement. Luckily, Maxine’s best friend, Cassidy Talbot and family were willing to share their home to not just Bree, but the parents as well. Now with a home base in Wales, Colorado, Maxine and Hugo have a place to return to after their months of filming and with the construction of a small film editing building in the backyard, they can comfortably put the finishing touches on their projects.

Upon hearing about Bree’s summer job, they were both extremely excited. While they were proud to see their daughter wanting to work with animals like they do, they were more pleased with the idea of Bree taking on more responsibility, hopefully a sign that she is finally starting to control that enthusiasm of hers. Until they’re done filming their current documentary, Hugo and Maxine remain content to hear Bree’s constant updates about her own animal least the ones Bree can tell them about.