Sunday, September 9, 2012

Water Lily Jaguar and Arkan Sonney

The shy and sensitive Arkan Sonney and the stoic and bold Water Lily Jaguar couldn’t be more different, but both of these animals have proven themselves willing to help Callum and the kids on their big adventure to rescue the captured mythical creatures.

The little pig from the Isle of Man is just full of surprises. Arkan Sonney is able to change size at will and has the unique ability to bring good luck to those aroud her. This normally small creature has long white hairs all over her body with bright red ears and eyes. The kids find out quickly enough that the Arkan Sonney is a little on the timid side, but she is always willing to help out, especially when Sophie is the one asking. Even when she does run or hide, she can usually be coaxed back with the phrase, "I wonder who’ll help me eat this?"

Water Lily Jaguar is a mysterious cat from the area of Central America. Rumored to be something of a protector deity, he looks like a regular jaguar save for his larger than average size and the water lily growing on top of his head. Water Lily Jaguar is at home in the water, able to stay underwater for long periods or even run on top of it. He has been helping Callum the entire time ever since he first began this quest to rescue the animals. While he is wary around humans, he has shown incredible patience around the kids like when Shiloh asks him to pose for a drawing. Usually though, he is found at the bottom of a pool of water, sleeping the day away.