Saturday, May 4, 2013

Total Happy Mode

Though Bree wouldn’t mind if it were, this is more than just a summer of fun for the kids. It’s a chance for all of them to grow as individuals and learn just what they’re made of. In this scene, we see Sophie do just that as she finally figures out what she can do.

* * * * * * *

"What’s the cord for, So-So?" asked Bree. She was propped up against Sophie’s giant stuffed bear, her usual spot in Sophie’s room.

"It’s for the furry one here," answered Sophie. She finished tying the cord and held the coin up for inspection, all the while aware of the small, yellow eyes glued to her every movement. "I promised her something special and this is it."

"For this little gold fiend?" Bree playfully swatted the animals long, green tail. "She gets in enough trouble swiping your mom’s stuff!"

"And now she has her own that no one will try to take back." She leaned forward and put the necklace around the Ramidreju’s neck. Using her little paws, the animal inspected the gold and sniffed at it thoroughly. "It’s yours. I promised, remember?"

The yellow eyes lit up and the Ramidreju stared lovingly at her new possession. "Ha ha! Look at her. The furball’s in total happy mode." Bree turned towards her friend. "And you, too. You’re looking much better."

"Yeah, guess I am," said Sophie. She brushed back her hair and watched the ecstatic creature at her feet. "All I can do is my best and hope it’s enough." She met her best friend’s eyes. "If it’s not, at least I know it was my best."

"Good answer!" Bree’s arm shot out with thumb raised "On behalf of all animal lovers–both magical and not magical–I approve!" The Ramidreju started chirping as she played with her coin. "And so does the furball."