Monday, January 28, 2013

Character Spotlight: Bree Soares

To give you, the reader, a better look at the ever-enthusiastic Bree, here are a few insights into this energetic character.

* * * * * * *

1. What she calls her "game face", this is a clear sign that Bree is about to get serious, whether it be during a soccer game or facing one of Faelan’s bizarre challenges. But just because she’s being serious doesn’t mean she isn’t still having fun.

2. "Love your life". That’s something Bree’s parents always encouraged her to do and she’s been doing an amazing job of it. So good that she’s took it upon herself to show her best friend, Sophie, how awesome life can be with the right perspective.

3. Bree certainly has her thoughtful moments, especially when she’s making use of her talent for remembering her surroundings. That’s a trick she learned from all her adventures with her parents and honed through many a soccer game. It definitely comes in handy when the rescue missions require a quick getaway.

4. Finding out about a magical world where mythical creatures exist put Bree on overload. She is constantly amazed by all the exotic and bizarre animals she keeps seeing. Sophie suspects it’s the uniqueness of these creatures that makes Bree want to ride them, even the ones that would just as soon eat her. Shiloh just thinks she’s weird like that.