Monday, October 3, 2011

Callum and Ghost

Guiding the kids on their summer adventure is Callum, the Shepherd who has taken on the task of finding humans to help rescue all those captured mythical creatures. He is a member of the Sidhe, magical beings from the area of Ireland that are comparable to elves or fairies. Callum is capable of using many types of magic such as communicating with animals and casting illusions. He has set up a temporary base at the Wales Animal Care Facility, but he isn’t all that fond of staying on Earth, preferring to go back to Meurum whenever possible. One thing he does love about Earth is red licorice, making sure to have a jar filled with it at all times. The kids turned out to be a welcome surprise for Callum. He is very pleased at how quickly the kids have taken to the animals and how well they all work together. In his eyes, he is finally seeing an end to this task.

At Callum’s side is his partner, the White Hart named Ghost. From British folklore, this magical creature was said to be a sign that a quest was about to start. He looks like a large deer with the exception of his all white coat. Ghost possesses the unique ability to travel to anywhere in the world through a strange mist, taking anyone along with him that he chooses. The White Hart chose Callum as his partner simply because he enjoyed how well the Sidhe played the flute. Callum would readily admit that he spoils Ghost, even going so far as to dress all in white most of the time to please the animal’s sense of aesthetics. Ghost’s role is to transport the kids to the various trials, usually popping in wherever the kids are at the time (regardless of how inconvenient it is for them). He does have a tendency to lose his patience if they aren’t quick enough and isn’t afraid to use his antlers to prod the kids along if need be.

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