Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ercinee and Veo

Here are two more animals that will certainly prove useful to the kids on their various missions this summer. Hopefully, Sophie, Bree and Shiloh will take the time get to know these mythical creatures and all their quirks.

The crane-like Ercinee was rumored to live in the Hercynian Forest, located in the area of Germany. This bird had the ability to glow extremely bright due to the magical nature of her feathers. With her light yellow and black feathers and strong legs and beak, this bird was an impressive sight. A vain bird, the Ercinee is always seeking attention and compliments, especially when it comes to her feathers. Unfortunately for her, those feathers also draw the unwanted attention of a young dragon who just loves shiny things.

With sightings in Indonesia, the Veo is a large creature very similar to a pangolin, complete with thick scales and a lengthy tail. While his long tongue and thick claws are useful, it’s his unique ability to roll up into a giant ball that proves most helpful to the kids. The Veo is a nocturnal creature and needs some coaxing to get going during daylight hours. He generally likes to stick to himself, but seems to get along with the Haetae. Is generally annoyed with Bree’s constant attempts to ride him like a horse.

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