Saturday, July 14, 2012

Samson and Cassidy Talbot

Meet Samson and Cassidy Talbot, the parents of Sophie and Shiloh. They run what has become known as the Talbot Compound, a place where people and horses alike can be taught the fine art of horse riding. Samson has been around horses all his life and couldn’t think of anything he’d rather do than train them and the people who ride them. Cassidy runs the onsite veterinary clinic and isn’t afraid to stare down any horse foolish enough to test her patience.

Cassidy is best friends with Bree’s mom, Maxine, from their days in college. When Bree’s parents asked if she could stay with them while they filmed their documentaries, she went a step further and asked if the whole family would like to move in with them. Samson took some convincing on his part, but when he realized it meant they could afford a much bigger compound, he soon changed his mind.

When the girls asked about getting a summer job taking care of animals, Samson was all for it, making the case that he had a job of his own when he was their age. Cassidy was a little more reluctant, but she agreed as long as she be allowed to take over in case of an emergency. Of course, they both still expect the kids to help out around the compound, especially when Samson has a difficult horse that only Sophie’s special way with animals can handle. They’ve been quite impressed with how well they’ve been dealing with their new responsibilities, even more so when they noticed their son, Shiloh, helping out, too.  Then again, they might be more worried than impressed if they fully understood all of the kids' responsibilities this summer.

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