Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Character Spotlight: Sophie Talbot

The last of the three children is the big time animal enthusiast, Sophie Talbot. Here’s a deeper look into this ever considerate character.

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1. Sophie freely admits that she’s something of a worrier, especially when it comes to these mythical creatures she promised to help out. Shiloh usually gives her a hard time about this, reminding her that these animals are probably more capable than she is at taking care of themselves. It never stops her from worrying, though.

2. The all-important mission Callum has given them is something Sophie takes very seriously. It breaks her heart thinking about all those magical animals trapped for so long because of Faelan’s plan. Whenever it’s rescue time, she focuses on the mission and does her best to help free these captured creatures.

3. Knowing Bree all her life, Sophie is well aware that she’s one of the few people that can calm her excitable friend down. Whenever Bree lets things get too crazy or takes things too far, it’s usually up to Sophie to bring her back to her senses. As you can imagine, this keeps Sophie pretty busy.

4. Considering her love of animals, this summer has been beyond amazing for Sophie. All these new and fantastic creatures she’s never seen before has made this the best summer vacation ever. The only downside she can think of is that it’s proving quite hard to find stuffed animals of creatures that by all counts shouldn’t exist.

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