Monday, September 2, 2013

Jaclus and Gagana

Sometimes the kids need some airborne help and that’s where the Jaculus and the Gagana come in handy. These two fliers have proven invaluable on a number of missions even though both animals occasionally choose not to listen to their human friends.

The Gagana is a large, eagle-like bird spoken of in Russian legends. Said to have lived on Bunyan Island, the Gagana possesses an iron beak and copper claws, both of which can be pretty destructive when he puts his mind to it. Something of a temperamental bird, the Gagana is prone to lashing out and acting extremely aggressive against anything he views as a threat. He has an infuriating habit of using hard surfaces as a scratching post (such as fences and automobiles). In Bree’s mind, however, the biggest problem is Gagana’s constant refusal to crack nuts open for her; "That beak was made for it!"

From Arabian folklore, the Jaculus was usually found hiding in trees in order to ambush unsuspecting prey with a sudden dive attack. Possessing large, leathery wings on her back, this snake was an agile and quick flier able to keep up with just about any bird in the sky. She seems like a pretty lazy animal, but that’s usually just her way of conserving energy (she is cold-blooded, after all). The Jaculus can usually be found curled up somewhere warm and on missions, has a tendency to wrap around one of the kids if it’s a little too cold for her.

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