Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Story of Mythic Summer

You think mythical creatures don’t exist? That things like dragons and unicorns are just pretend? That there couldn’t possibly be a world of magic just beyond our own? Sophie, Bree and Shiloh used to think like that...until they had an amazing experience with these fantastic animals. What starts out as a pet sitting job ends up being an unbelievable adventure to rescue some very special mythical creatures who desperately need their help.

The quest begins when Callum–a tall elf-like being–explains to the kids about the magical world of Meurum, the home of all mythical creatures. They learn that he is part of a select few called the Shepherds whose job it is to protect these animals. Additionally, Callum has also been charged with finding humans to help with an important mission. It seems that a rogue Shepherd named Faelan has captured some of the most unique and magical creatures from Meurum and made it so only those from Earth can free them. Along with each captured animal, Faelan has also created trials for the humans to pass. It may be a maze of bamboo and stone, a forest shrouded in total darkness, or even a strange, hybrid creature that has the power to make people sick. All kinds of dangers await Sophie, Bree and Shiloh should they accept this mission.

Luckily, the kids won't have to do it alone. Going with them will be their own mythical creatures, animal helpers with unique powers and abilities to aid them on their quest. But don't think the summer will be all work for the kids. There will be plenty of time to have fun and get to know these wonderful animals. And who knows. They may end up making some very strong bonds that can last a lifetime. With a summer like this, it just might happen.

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