Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello! Welcome to the Mythic Summer blog where you can keep up with the adventures of Sophie, Bree and Shiloh, three kids that discover mythical creatures are real and in desperate need of help. Within the pages of this blog, you'll be able to explore the magical world of Meurum, experience the trials the kids face all summer long and learn all about the characters involved in this mythical story.

My name is Chris Evenson, the creator of this would-be cartoon series. I hope to entertain and engage you with the amazing summer Sophie, Bree and Shiloh have as they try to rescue some very special animals. Now, since my artistic talents are severely limited, I've enlisted the help of one Elmer Damaso, a talented artist who I've been commissioning to bring my characters to life. This blog will have all the pictures he's drawn so you can get a better idea of all the adventures our three heroes go on.

So by all means, please enjoy the excitement, humor and wonder found in the story of Mythic Summer. Feel free to offer up your comments, feedback, and questions; after all, this story is still a work in progress and can only grow bigger and better from here on, especially if you, the reader, help it along.

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