Sunday, December 30, 2012

Can You Be Brave For Me?

Learning as they go, the kids soon realize that not every animal is going to be all that friendly upon escaping their captivity. The mighty Shenlong–a large dragon of Chinese Mythology that governs wind, clouds and rain–shows this to be true. After being freed, he’s less than thrilled to be seeing other human figures standing before him and an angry master of storms is not a pretty sight.

* * * * * * *

"Whoa...big," said Bree, craning her neck to follow the rising blue dragon as it took to the sky. "Not Zaratan big, but still...really big"

"And angry, too." Shiloh reached out to the growling Arrow, putting a hand on the much smaller dragon’s neck. "Even Arrow noticed it."

The Shenlong let loose a fierce roar. As if in response, clouds began to gather in the sky overhead. The light drizzle was now coming down harder and the wind followed suit.

With his arms around Arrow’s neck, Shiloh tried pulling his partner back. "We need to leave. Now. Seriously."

"We can’t. Not yet." Sophie kept still, her eyes stuck on the sight in front of her. "We’re not done."

"See that grouchy dragon flying above us, So-So? He’s not trapped anymore. Job done," said Bree. "I don’t even want to try and ride him. I just want to get out of here."

"But look at him. He still thinks he’s in danger." Sophie looked down at the shivering Arkan Sonney by her feet. The small pig looked up at her and squealed softly. "He needs our help, Arkan. Can you be brave for me? Can you grow real big? Please?" Still shaking, the little pig squealed a little louder and started growing. As Arkan Sonney grew, Sophie jumped on her back and shouted out to the enraged dragon. "Shenlong! You’re free! No one is going to hurt you!"

The dragon slowly came down to the ground, its’ narrowed eyes fixed on Sophie and the now large Arkan Sonney.

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