Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shauna Healy

Helping out at the Wales Animals Care Facility (or as Bree calls it, the "Pet Shack") is the twenty-three year old Shauna Healy. In fact, her whole family has been helping out Callum for some time now and this just happens to be her turn. At the W.A.C.F., Shauna acts as the driver, caretaker, receptionist, and just about anything else that keeps the place running. She sees Callum as something of an uncle figure, but easily gets frustrated that he hasn’t adjusted to being on Earth yet.

Like the rest of her family, Shauna has the rare gift of magical immunity. This means that magic has no effect on her and will actually vanish in her presence. This tends to cause some friction when it comes to her dealings with the magical creatures she helps take care of, but she doesn’t mind. After all, she understands what Callum is trying to accomplish and things like an annoyed dragon is a small price to pay.

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